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Field Pilots Details

India Pilots

Chhaba Niwada AC microgrid
  • 70kW Solar PV,
  • 100kWh BESS with Hybrid Inverter
  • 25kW AC-DC-AC converter for power sharing between both
Bargadiya Purwa AC microgrid
  • 30kW Solar PV,
  • 100kWh BESS with Hybrid Inverter
  • 30kW Biomass System utilizing cattle and farm waste
Other Unique Features
  • Agriculture-based cottage industries for providing local employment.
  • Six solar pumps for irrigation enhancing agriculture produces.
  • Unique community model for managing and operating the rural microgrid

Status Before Development
  • Both village hamlets were un-electrified.
  • Transformers and wires to houses provided by utility partner DVVNL with Grid supple being unreliable.
  • Approx. 700 people of Harnoo village(Two hamlets) are getting benefited Challenges
  • Sensitizing & involving the local community.
  • Getting administrative approvals for the pilot land.

Semi-Urban Field Pilot inside IIT Kanpur
  • 30x5kWp Solar PV in 30 single-story houses in two lanes of IIT Kanpur.

  • Sites for rooftop PV (30 x 5 kWp), centralized storage at two places (140 kWh and 100 kWh Li-ion BESS) in the substation

  • Two EV charging stations each having 50kW DC, 22kW AC, 7.6kW V2H & 3x3.3kW Bharat Chargers integrated with 25kW Solar PV near Taxi stand gate and Community Centre.

  • Self-sustained microgrid with Smart Metering & MEMS

  • Three-phase smart meters, 25kW SPV and Hybrid Inverter along with 50kWh battery are installed in February 2021 at two residential apartments.

  • The 545 TRHR TES system has been integrated with the existing 230 TRHR system (made functional in Nov 2020).

  • In case of power failure and non-availability of Solar PV output, BESS will feed only common area lighting and lift loads

Thermal Energy Storage (TES) System-CESE Building, IIT Kanpur Urban Pilot
  • Glycol solution with phase-change material is being used for the TES (achieves -4 deg C in about 10 hours).

  • During night hours, building AC load shall be met from Institute central AC plant, and during peak load time (11:00 to 17:00 hrs) by the TES system.

  • Peak load management by TES system through SCADA system as part of ADMS.

  • Commissioning is done on 5th Nov 2020.

  • Integrated with SCADA/ADMS, resulting in peak load reduction.


Project: -
Set up of 4MW Ground Mounted Solar Photo Voltaic System with Battery Storage, Load and Source Prioritization with the existing electrical system and Induction based cooking system at NETRA, Greater Noida

Objective: -
In campus generation of electrical power from Solar PV, MSW, DG Set with Battery Energy Storage System and minimum grid support will be taken up.

Salient Features: -

Solar Photo Voltaic Plant: -
4 MW Ground Mounted Solar Photo Voltaic plant to cater the electrical load of NETRA, round the year on the land available in the NETRA campus and connected to the existing electrical network.

Battery Energy Storage System: -
1 MW / 1 MWHr Li ion technology-based BESS to cater emergency load and load during night-time.

Load and Source Prioritization: -
Smart controller to maximize the renewable generation with minimum grid support and prioritize in campus loads (both capacitive and inductive) and different sources (PV, Battery, DG, MSW etc.) for stable electrical system.

Within BRPL Licensee Area
Pilot Locations Usable Energy Power Converter Rating BESS Design Capacity as per BHEL Quote Type Application Inter-connection Point for BESS Integration
Category A (New Friends Colony, Taimur Nagar) 230 kWh 140 kVA 288 kWh (4*72kWh stack) LFP Primary: Overload management of DTR
Secondary: energy arbitrage
At Low Tension terminal of 990 kVA DT
Category B (Ispatika Society, Dwarka, Sector-4) 120 kWh 270 kVA 216 kWh (3*72 kWh stack) LFP Primary: Back-up power
Secondary: Energy arbitrage
At DG Output terminal wherein Grid reference signal is received
Category C (TERI School of Advanced Studies, Vasant Kunj) 60 kWh 100 kVA 72 kWh (1 stack of 72 kWh) LFP Primary: Energy time shift
Secondary: Dispatchable solar PV generation
At Low tension terminal of 1600 kVA DT

CAT A (Taimoor Nagar): -
  • The battery container along with its associated components has been installed at the site.

  • SAT has been conducted and a few observations were provided to the Vendor and all points are tested after SAT.

  • Remote monitoring established at TERI HQ center through IPsec VPN tunneling but SSL-VPN required for BRPL SCADA center remote monitoring & controlling of site, WIP

CAT B (Ispatika Society): -
  • Due to the space constraint, the new location is provided by the Society.

  • The drawing layout has been provided by the Vendor and approved by TERI/BRPL & Society team

  • FAT has already been conducted for BESS, PCS & EMS.

  • The civil layout has been finalized.

  • Designed the basic control architecture for both primary and secondary applications.

  • Civil work, installation of all equipment, and communication check completed.

  • Internal testing with the primary application is done and secondary application is going on at site