logoUS-India CollAborative For Smart DiStribution System WIth STorage

Advisory Board Members

  1. Ms. Wanda Reder, President and CEO, Grid-X Partners, LLC and committee chair, Electricity Advisory Committee, US DOE
  2. Dr. Gary Yang, CEO of UniEnergy Storage Technologies (UET), Seattle, WA, USA
  3. Dr. Emanuel Bernabeu, Manager of Applied Solutions, PJM Interconnection, Audobon, PA, USA
  4. Dr. Alex Papalexopoulos, President and CEO, ECCO International, San Francisco, CA, USA
  5. Dr. Amit Narayan, CEO and Founder, AUTOGRID, Redwood Shores, CA, USA
  6. Dr. Diekmann Andreas, Head of the Environmental Research Group, ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), Switzerland
  7. Dr. M. Ramamoorty, Ex Director General, CPRI Bangalore, India
  8. Mr. Sushil K. Soonee, Ex-CMD, and Advisor, Power System Operation Corp. Ltd., New Delhi, India.
  9. Ms. Anjuli Chandra, Ex-Member, Punjab State Electricity Regulatory Commission, Chandigarh, India
  10. Mr. Arun.K.Mishra, Ex-Director, National Smart Grid Mission, under Ministry of Power, Gurugram, India
  11. Mr. Praveer Sinha, CEO & Managing Director, TATA Power, The Tata Power Company Limited , Mumbai, India
  12. Dr. S. Aravamuthan, Ex-Dy Director, PCM, VSSC/ISRO, Indian Space Research Organization, Trivandrum, India