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Integration of Thematics R&D Activities

Theme Description Theme Coordinators (US) Theme Coordinators (India) Time Period Overview
1 Finalizing Overall Product Management Architecture Noel Shulz, WSU
Anurag Srivastava, WVU
Suresh Srivastava, IITK
Santanu Mishra, IITK
Ankush Sharma, IITK
Y1Q1-Y1Q2 The theme deals with overall planning and execution of various objectives of the project in a cohesive manner. This task also includes knowledge dissemination by publishing relevant updates on website and interacting with the advisory board members.
2 Distribution System Modeling and Benchmark system development Noel Shulz, WSU
Anurag Srivastava, WVU
A R Abhyankar, IITD
Santanu Mishra, IITK
Suresh Srivastava, IITK
N P Padhy, IITR
Y1Q3-Y2Q4 The objective of this task is to develop benchmark models which can be used by various research group members of this project to test and validate their research and development work.
3 Energy Storage
  • Modeling
  • Optimal Management
Noel Shulz, WSU Ankush Sharma, IITK
Olive Ray, IITBBS
Falti Teotia , TERI
Y1Q4-Y3Q2 The objective of this task is to analyse and model storage technology for smart distribution system. As a part of this task, hardware models will also be developed to study the impact of storage systems under dynamic operation of microgrids.
4 Microgrid and Active Distribution System
  • Converter
  • Primary Controller
  • Secondary Controller
  • Protection
A. Srivastava, WVU
Miroslav Begovic, TAMU
Mahesh Kumar, IITM
S R Samantaray, IITBBS
Santanu Mishra, IITK
Y1Q3-Y3Q4 The objective of this theme includes development of novel converter topologies, associated controls and protection system for AC/DC microgrid application. As a part of this task, primary controller design, secondary controller design, and AC/DC microgrid protection mechanisms will be studied.
5 Cyber Security
  • Infrastructure
  • Measures
Mladen Kezunovic, TAMU
A. Srivastava, WVU
Manav Bhatnagar, IITD
B.K.Panigrahi, IITD
Navpreet Singh, IITK
Ketan Rajawat, IITK
Amey Karkare, IITK
Sandeep Shukla, IITK
Rajesh Kumar, PGCIL
Y1Q3-Y3Q4 The objective of this theme is to study various cyber infrastructure suitable for smart distribution grid. It will also validate their performance to make the overall system reliable and tolerant to cyber-attacks.
6 DSO Functions/Energy Management
  • Forecasting
  • MMS
  • ADMS
  • Control and Optimizations
  • Planning
Kevin Davies, HNEI
Ahmed Saber, ETAP
A Srivastava, WVU
Anu Annaswamy, MIT
Chanan Singh, TAMU
A R Abhyankar, IITD
A Mohapatra, IITK
S R Sahoo, IITK
Saikat Chakrabarti, IITK
Y1Q4-Y4Q2 The objectives of the task are Load Profiling and Forecasting, System Reconfiguration and State Estimation, Optimal Operation of DERs, and Demand Side Management.
7 DSO-Market and Regulatory Issues Anu Annaswamy, MIT
Anjan Bose, WSU
A K Saxena, TERI
Anoop Singh, IITK
A R Abhyankar, IITD
Y2Q1-Y4Q3 The objectives of the task are addressing market and regulatory Issues, distribution market development, Integration of market mechanisms with frequency regulation and volt-VAR control.
8 Lab Testing and Validation
  • Offline
  • Real Time
  • HIL
A Srivastava, WVU
Mladen Kezunovic, TAMU Rob Hovsapian, NREL
Santanu Misra, IITK
N P Padhy, IITR
Y2Q3-Y5Q1 As a part of this theme five testbeds are developed to test various research concepts developed as a part of R & D activities. This provides a mechanism to validate concepts in a lab environment before any possible deployment of technology.
9 Field Demonstration A Srivastava, WVU
Noel Shulz, WSU
Mike Diedsch, AVISTA
Saikat Chakrabarti, IITK
Ankush Sharma, IITK
Suresh Srivastava, IITK
Shiv Kumar Singh, IITK
Subrata Sarkar, NETRA
Falti Teotia, TERI
Y2Q2-Y5Q4 As a part of this theme two urban, two rural and one semi-urban pilots will be developed. The pilots will also provide a means to test new technology in real-life smart distribution system.
10 Impact analysis and Policy Recommendations Christine Horne, WSU (Social Impact)
Anjan Bose, WSU
A K Saxena, TERI
Deep Mukherjee, IITK
Anoop Singh, IITK
Y4Q1-Y5Q4 Except part of social study during Y1Q4 The societal impact of smart distribution grid will be studied as a part of this theme. Based on this study various policy recommendation will be made to improve the impact of smart distribution system.
11 Workforce Development Noel Shulz, WSU
Adaora Ifebigh, NRECA
Santanu Mishra, IITK
Ankush Sharma, IITK
Y1Q3-Y5Q4 As a part of this activity various workshops, training programs, and conferences will be organized to educate and train workforce members to operate, maintain, and sustain a smart distribution grid.

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