logoUS-India CollAborative For Smart DiStribution System WIth STorage

Collaborative Research Activities

Benchmark Systems

S.No. India US Activities
1 IITK WSU Federated Testbed
2 IITK WSU Semi-Urban, Urban Benchmark System
3 IITK, IITM, IITR WSU Benchmark feeder models-India Rural
4 IITK, IITR WSU Real-time feeder models (Opal-rt/RTDS models)
Federated co-simulation tesbed (WSU-IITK)
5 IITK WSU, ETAP Rural benchmark model validation- India Rural model

Microgrid and Active Distribution system

S.No. India US Activities
1 IITBBS TAMU Microgrid protection

Cyber Security Infrastructure and Measures

S.No. India US Activities
1 IITK,TERI Burn & McDonnel Cyber Audit of Field Pilots
2 IITK, IITR, IITD WSU Cyber Physical Security and Resiliency
3 IITR WSU, WVU Cyber resilient control of microgrid cluster

Integrating Cyber-security Measures

S.No. India US Activities
1 TERI NREL Forecasting of transformer life
2 IITR WSU Volt-Var control
3 IITK WSU, HNEI, ETAP Solar, Load forecasting
4 IITD MIT TSO-DSO (non-market) Interaction For Efficient System Operation
5 IITK WSU, SnoPUD Optimal power flow DSO-TSO
6 TERI PNNL Short term load forecasting