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  • UI-ASSIST WEBINAR: Design Guide for Microgrid Protection with Deep Deployment of DER, Inverters and Other Digital Devices and Systems by S.S. (Mani) Venkata, 26 January, 2023
  • UI-ASSIST WEBINAR: A comparative study of UI-ASSIST Developed Volt-Var Control Algorithms on AVISTA’s test system by Mike Diedesch, Rabab Haider/Vineet Jagadeesan, Subir Majumder/Anurag Srivastava, Ben Mccornack/Sanjeev Pannala, 27 October, 2022
  • Nano-Grid Participation in The Wholesale Electricity Markets: Challenges And Opportunities, 22 September, 2022
  • UI-ASSIST WEBINAR: Power, the Press, and the PuConnecting Electrical Engineering to the World by Geoffrey Thatcher, 25 August, 2022.
  • UI-ASSIST Annual Update Workshop in Denver, 13-15 July, 2022.
  • UI-ASSIST virtual workshop - 13-21 June, 2022.