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Student Thesis

Doctoral Thesis acknowledging UI-ASSIST Project

  1. Smrutirekha Samal, Development of Protection Schemes for Microgrids, IIT BBS, Ongoing
  2. Nimitha Muraleedharan,Operation of Microgrid under Distributed Generations,IIT Madras, Ongoing
  3. Tony Thomas,Control Schemes for Wind Energy Systems Connected Microgrids,IIT Madras, Ongoing
  4. Rohan Madnani,Control Theory for Active Power Filters,IIT Madras, Ongoing
  5. Rajarshi Basu,Microgrid Integration,IIT Madras, Ongoing
  6. Lokesh Nalla,Control Schemes for Voltage -Converters in the Natural Reference Frame,IIT Madras, Ongoing
  7. Durga Malleswar Rao,Adaptive Power Management Algorithm for Multi-Source DC Microgrid System,IIT Madras, Ongoing
  8. Nafih Muhammad,Combined Operation of a DSTATCOM and UPS with a Single Voltage Source Converter,IIT Madras, Ongoing
  9. Nakka Pruthvi Chaitanya, Modelling, Design and Control of Voltage Source Inverter,IIT Madras, Ongoing
  10. Hariharan, Study and Design of Improved Synchronverter Control Schemes for Distributed Energy Resources, Ph.D. Thesis, IIT Madras, October 2022.
  11. Vibhuti Nougain, Control, Operation and Protection of Low Voltage DC Systems, Ph.D. Thesis, IIT Delhi, June 2021.
  12. Nikhil Kumar Sharma, Development of New Protection Schemes for Microgrid, PhD Thesis, IIT Bhubaneswar, April 2021.
  13. Saptarshi Ghosh, Physical Layer Security for Smart Grid Communications, Ph.D. Thesis, IIT Delhi, March 2021.
  14. Rakesh Kumar Panda, Inertia Estimation and Enhancement Techniques in Power Systems with SPV Penetration, PhD Thesis, IIT Kanpur, December 2020.
  15. M V Gururaj, Performance Investigation of a DFIG Interfaced with a Microgrid, Ph D Thesis, IIT Roorkee, April 2020.
  16. Srikanth Kotra, Design and Control of DC Microgrid with Hybrid Energy Storage System, Ph D Thesis, IIT Madras, January 2020.
  17. Jakeer Hussain, New Algorithms for Optimal Energy Extraction and Wind Speed Estimation for Wind Energy Conversion Systems, Ph D Thesis, IIT Madras, September 2019.
  18. Krishna Murari Pandey, Distribution Load Flow Algorithm for AC-DC Micro Grid, Ph D Thesis, IIT Roorkee, August 2019.
  19. Sanjeev Pannala, Power Control Operation & Management using DC Micro-grid, PhD Thesis, IIT Roorkee, April 2019.
  20. J.G. Sreenath, Distributed Forecasting-Aided Power System State Estimation in the Presence of Unreliable Communication, Multi-Rate Measurements, and Cyber-Attacks, PhD Thesis, IIT Kanpur,2019.
  21. Ankit Garg, Quantized Feedback based Precoding for MIMO Systems, PhD Thesis, IIT Delhi, 2018.
  22. Amrit Singh Bedi, Distributed and Online Learning with Stochastic Gradient Methods, PhD Thesis, IIT Kanpur, 2018.
  23. Anju Meghwani, Development of Efficient Fault Detection and Location Techniques for DC Microgrid Protection, PhD Thesis, IIT Kanpur, February 2018.